In this article, we will explore 10 surprising factors that affect attraction in relationships and what you can do to enhance your attractiveness. Attraction is a powerful force that drives human beings to seek and form romantic relationships. While physical appearance and personality traits are often considered the primary factors that influence attraction, there are several other surprising factors that can play a significant role.

1. Voice quality:

The quality of your voice can impact how attractive you are perceived to be. Individuals with deeper voices are often perceived as more attractive because they are associated with masculinity and strength. Additionally, individuals with a more melodious voice are perceived as more attractive as they seem more confident, articulate, and intelligent.

2. Scent:

The way you smell can have a profound effect on attraction. Scientific studies have shown that individuals who use fragrances are more likely to be considered attractive as they are perceived as clean and stylish. Additionally, body odor can also be attractive to some individuals as it provides a biological signal of compatibility.

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3. Humor:

Having a good sense of humor is a highly attractive quality in romantic relationships. Individuals who make others laugh are perceived as more intelligent, confident, and socially skilled. Additionally, humor serves as a bonding mechanism between partners, strengthening the emotional connection between them.

4. Similarity:

Individuals are often drawn to partners who share similar backgrounds, interests, and values. This is because similarity provides a sense of familiarity and comfort, leading to a more effortlessly compatible relationship.

5. Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage emotions in oneself and others. Individuals who possess high levels of emotional intelligence are more likely to be perceived as attractive as they are perceived as more empathetic, understanding, and communicative partners.

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6. Status:

Your social status can significantly impact your perceived attractiveness. Studies have shown that individuals who are considered to be wealthy, successful, or powerful are often considered more attractive as they are seen as having resources that can provide for their partner.

7. Physical proximity:

The mere physical proximity of individuals can have a substantial impact on their level of attraction. People who spend more time together are more likely to develop an attraction, as the proximity provides more opportunities for social bonding.

8. Vulnerability:

Vulnerability is the willingness to expose one’s emotional and physical vulnerabilities to a partner. This quality is often considered highly attractive as it provides a sense of transparency and openness in the relationship.

9. Novelty:

Novelty refers to the degree to which an individual deviates from our usual expectations. This quality can make someone more attractive as it offers the tantalizing possibility of something new and exciting.

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10. Confidence:

Confidence is defined as a belief in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. Confidence is often cited as the most attractive quality in relationships as it is associated with assertiveness, presence, and leadership.


Attraction is a complex and multifaceted emotion that can be influenced by several surprising factors beyond the traditional ones. By understanding these factors, you can enhance your own attractiveness in a relationship and improve your chances of forming long-lasting emotional connections with your partner.

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1. Can I improve my voice quality to become more attractive?

Yes, practicing speaking exercises such as public speaking can help you develop a deeper and more melodious voice.

2. Can scent be too overwhelming and negatively impact your attractiveness?

Yes, it is essential to strike a balance and not overdo your use of fragrances as it might be too overpowering.

3. Why is emotional intelligence attractive in a partner?

Emotional intelligence is attractive in a partner because it fosters better communication and empathy, leading to a more fulfilling and emotionally connected relationship.

4. Are partners who share a similar personality attractive to each other?

Yes, individuals with similar personalities are drawn to each other due to the sense of familiarity and shared values.

5. Can being too confident negatively impact your attractiveness?

Yes, being overly confident can come off as abrasiveness and arrogance, which ultimately diminishes your attractiveness.