Getting married is one of the most significant decisions you can make in your life. It’s a commitment that’s meant to last a lifetime, and it’s important that you’re both on the same page before taking the leap. So before you get down on one knee, sit down with your partner and ask them these essential questions:

1. What are your long-term goals and dreams?

Having a shared perspective on what you both want in life is crucial. It’s essential to understand what your partner’s aspirations are and what they hope to achieve. Do they see themselves pursuing a particular career, or do they wish to travel the world? Whatever their answer is, make sure it aligns with your vision.

2. How do you handle conflict?

Disagreements are inevitable in any relationship, and it’s essential to understand how your partner manages their emotions when things get heated. Do they shut down and avoid addressing the issue, or do they engage in healthy communication to work through the problem? Compatibility in dealing with conflict can make or break a marriage.

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3. What are your views on children?

It’s a conversation that should be had early on in the relationship – whether children are in your future plans. It’s essential to discuss how many children both of you want, as well as your views on parenting. You should be on the same page before taking the next step.

4. What do you expect from a marriage?

Discussing expectations is essential when considering marriage. It’s essential to understand what your partner is bringing to the table and what they expect from you as their spouse. This conversation should touch on everything from finances, lifestyle, and household duties.

5. What is your financial situation?

It’s no secret that money issues are a point of contention in many marriages. It’s crucial to be upfront and honest about your financial situation, including any debts, assets, or future career aspirations. After all, you’ll be sharing finances once you’re married.

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6. How do you feel about religion?

Religion can be a significant factor in a marriage, particularly if you have different beliefs. It’s essential to discuss what you both believe and how religion might play a role in your future together. For some couples, these differences may not matter, while for others, it could be a deal-breaker.

7. How important is intimacy to you?

Intimacy can have many definitions, including emotional, physical, and sexual intimacy. It’s essential to understand what your partner needs and expects when it comes to intimacy, especially since this is a crucial aspect of a successful marriage.

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Marriage is a big step, and having open and honest conversations with your partner before tying the knot is critical. By understanding each other’s goals, dreams, expectations, and beliefs, you can build a strong foundation for your future together. So before you walk down the aisle, make sure these seven questions are answered.

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1. What are the most important things to discuss before getting married?

Discussing your long-term goals, handling conflict, views on children, expectations in a marriage, financial situation, religion, and intimacy are all essential topics to cover before getting married.

2. Why is discussing religion important before getting married?

Religion can be a significant factor in marriages, and it’s essential to discuss what you believe and how religion might play a role in your future together before tying the knot.

3. How can you ensure that both partners are on the same page before getting married?

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By discussing each other’s goals, dreams, and expectations, as well as financial situation and views on children and intimacy, both partners can better understand where the other is coming from and what they want out of the relationship.

4. What should you do if you and your partner have differing opinions on parenting?

It’s important to discuss these differences early on and find a compromise that works for both parties. Seeking professional counseling or advice can also be beneficial.

5. Should you be worried if you and your partner have differing views on money?

Finances are a common point of contention in marriages, but it’s essential to be upfront and honest about your financial situation and find a way to come to a mutual agreement. Seek advice on how to handle financial matters by consulting a financial advisor or counselor.